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Networking with a difference!

Join a group of like-minded business people climbing to the virtual summit of Mount Everest!

Welcome to the BizFit Couch to Summit Challenge.

This is a bold and ambitious Networking Charity Event designed to achieve 3 things.

  1. To help develop the mental, emotional and physical resilience that we believe is required to successfully overcome the challenges facing today’s business owners.
  2. To create a very different type of networking event. An Event where owners of small to medium sized businesses across The Three Counties can come together and get to meet and connect with each other through a shared experience.
  3. To raise a combined total of in excess of £1,500 for a range of different charities.
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What does it cost to take part?

Registration costs just £20 per person.

Shared positive experience

There’s an old adage in business that “people do business with people they know, like and trust.”

With teams of people climbing together to the top of the virtual summit this promises to be an event where people will really get to know each other through the completion of a challenging common endeavour.

“The how will show up after the commitment to the what.”

Tony Robbins

So if you:

  • want to network with a group of likeminded individuals in a fun and different way
  • want to stretch yourself out of your “comfort zone”
  • want to better prepare yourself for any other challenges you might be facing
  • want your business to not only grow but to thrive in 2017’s challenging business environment

then click here and join us on the BizFit Couch to Summit Challenge and together let’s enjoy a fun filled day while raising in excess of £1,500 for charity.

This promises to be an event people will be positively talking about for the rest of the year. Be part of it.

See you in June on the top of the world!

Founder, BizFit

* Permission is currently being requested from the Malvern Hills Trust, who own and care for the Hills and surrounding Commons, for the use of this location.

Join as an individual
Join as a team

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