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A Healthy Business Starts With A Healthy Mindset by guest blogger George Griffiths

Only 9 weeks to go!


The sun is out and you’re probably starting your first steps to establishing a summer fitness routine.  And if you are that’s great, it’s always good to be in the best shape possible.  But what are you doing to help your business shape up?

In today’s business world, companies are striving to gain the competitive advantage, and it’s getting more and more difficult to measure up.


Here at BizFit we know that success in life AND business starts with a positive, healthy mindset.  And I’ve asked the founding members for their top tips for maximising professional and personal success, so here goes:

  • Develop a healthy balance between your career and personal life. Many of us so passionate about our businesses that we spend the majority of the day in the office and also at home working as hard as possible. Every now and then try leaving your laptop and your work at the office and go home and unwind with your family, friends and pets.


  •  Surrounding yourself with positive people, can help your business succeed. Positive people exude positive energy and that is infectious (in a good way of course).


  • Take up a new challenge – what’s more positive than raising money for a good cause and taking part in a fun, physical challenge at the same time? Rope in your friends and family and your virtually guaranteed to have a great time.


  • Leave your sales pitch in the office. So many of us attend networking events with dreading about making their sales pitch – it’s the fear of rejection. So why do it?  People make judgements of you and ultimately your business with 2 or 3 seconds.  How about using that time more efficiently by relaxing and let your personality shine through.  Remember people buy from people they know like and trust – be one of these people!  Find out more about the right way to network.


  • A business will not prosper without a vibrant and healthy community. How does your business support the lives of those around you including your clients, and their customers, relations and friends?  A Corporate Social Responsibility policy (CSR) can be beneficial to your business.


BizFit is a charitable organisation aimed to bring like-minded business owners together with one aim – to give something back.   And if you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll know that having a healthy mindset is at the heart of our BizFit success model.


We are challenging you, and your friends and family, colleagues, clients and employees to form a team and join us for a virtual climb of Mount Everest.  It works out at (just!) 70,000 steps per team, and you can share the steps out in whatever way suits you and your fellow members.


So, now is the time to take action!  Form your own tribe of like-minded individuals and achieve something fantastic for yourself that will also benefit your business and community.

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