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The Couch to Summit Challenge moves to the Great Outdoors

Dear Reader,   It's now only 3 weeks until our Couch to Summit 2017 Challenge and to say we are excited is a complete understatement.   The recent hot and summery weather, together with feedback from our participants and sponsors has led us to rethink our plans a little!   The good news is that [...]

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Mac says, “Get Off Your Butt And Get Fit”

Mac, a Master Trainer and Clinical Nutritionist is our Biz-Fit fitness guru, and if he can't get you off the couch to the summit no-one can.  He understands that fitness, exercise and nutrition are vital to improving the quality of life and he is passionate about changing people’s lives.   So sit up, pay attention and [...]

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The week in which we welcomed two new sponsors to the team!

  Dear Readers, We now have just under 8 weeks until we start our virtual climb to the summit of Everest, and we are certainly starting to pick up the pace - quite literally! We've had a great week at basecamp, as well as signing up an increasing number of participants two new sponsors have [...]

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Building Your Team’s Resilience! by guest blogger George Griffiths

Only 8 weeks to go! Here at BizFit, we believe that a company’s most important asset is the people who work for the business, day in and day out.  So, as business owners, we know we should try our best to inspire, motivate and engage our teams. Businesses invest a lot of money on training [...]

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