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A Healthy Business Starts With A Healthy Mindset by guest blogger George Griffiths

Only 9 weeks to go!   The sun is out and you’re probably starting your first steps to establishing a summer fitness routine.  And if you are that’s great, it’s always good to be in the best shape possible.  But what are you doing to help your business shape up? In today’s business world, companies [...]

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Choose your Charity!

This week we have a guest blogger - George.  George specialises in social media and creative branding and looks after all social media at BizFit.  George's focus this week is on the most important aspect of the BizFit project - the charities. Over to you George!   We've written a lot lately about the founding [...]

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Cass-Stephens join the BizFit Couch to Summit Charity Challenge

There is a little over 12 weeks to go until the BizFit team, aided by our sponsors, participants and volunteers attempt to scale the dizzy heights of Mount Everest in a virtual Coach to Summit Challenge Climb.   The money raised from the entrance fees and sponsorship goes directly to charity.  This year our flagship [...]

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What’s your “Everest of the Track” dream?

This morning the BizFit team successfully launched our Couch to Summit Challenge 2017.  Surrounded by our sponsors, participants and businesses from the three counties we ‘cut the ribbon’ at Sixways stadium and started the countdown to our own virtual Everest Climb.   We would like to thank everyone who came along, pledged their support and [...]

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An update from Basecamp Week 7: What does CSR mean to you?

As business leaders, we all have one thing in common, we are all trying to make our businesses as successful as possible.   This means going the extra mile and becoming the best. In today’s society that means we have to think differently and most importantly act differently, in order to leverage an advantage over our [...]

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An update from BizFit Basecamp Week 6 : What’s your vision? By guest blogger, Stu Avis

I am sure you have heard the saying “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. It’s an axiom that is very true in all walks of life - the more we prepare for something the higher the chances of a successful outcome.   For instance, my wife is trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro later this year and [...]

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An update from Basecamp Week 5: It’s a marmite thing!

This week the team have been attending networking events across Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire, and we've had a great response when sharing our BizFit mission, values and vision. We've been helping people understand the many advantages in joining our charity challenge, whether as a sponsor, team captain or individual.  It's similar process to marketing. As [...]

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