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Dear Reader,


It’s now a little over 7 weeks until the climb and the core team here are well into their fitness regimes… We’re not saying we could run a marathon right now but we are starting to feel the benefits!


Talking of marathons, it was the biggest marathon event of the year for the UK recently – the London Marathon!  A huge challenge and achievement for many people and a chance for those who participated to test their physical and mental fitness!


Following the London Marathon, the BBC released a programme called Mind Over Marathon that many of our core members watched. This series followed 10 marathon runners suffering from different mental health issues and how they dealt with the tough training regime.


Resilience and perseverance shine through

What really became clear to me, was that even though these runners struggled and had many challenges to tackle they were resilient and persevered. Finishing the marathon gave the runners an amazing sense of personal achievement, which not only helped them to feel more confident about themselves in everyday life but also gave them the motivation to set more personal goals and achieve even greater success.


As business owners, we can easily get caught up in the day to day operations of our company, the here and now, and find there is little time to reflect on what we have and what we could do differently. It’s important to keep in mind that our employees, colleagues, suppliers and clients are all vital to the success of our business – let’s appreciate them and show them just how important they are to us!


No doubt, many of those that ran the marathon will consider it their major challenge of 2017.  Here at base camp, we feel the same way about our own challenge: the couch to summit event.


Changing the mindset

The ethos of our challenge is to help business professionals and teams to develop self-confidence and teamwork and build their motivation to aim for new heights.

Our virtual climb of Mount Everest is not only a great chance to help your employees and colleagues but also an opportunity to build your client and supplier relationships and even open up new business opportunities via our fun and friendly networking sessions on the day of the event.


Some of our participants are already seeing a change in their own and their team’s mental attitudes. Which is great news and something that we are proud to be part of.


It’s not too late for you to join our challenge and start our completely FREE training programme!  If you are thinking about it, here’s what you get for the £20 registration fee (this fee supports the MS Society):

  • Entry to challenge (23rd June at Sixways Stadium)
  • Entry into our networking sessions (23rd June at Sixways Stadium)
  • Refreshments throughout the day
  • A fitness expert-led 8-week training programme


So don’t delay, sign up today or before the 19th May 2017 to receive a free early bird offer from the BizFit team:

  • A FREE BizFit tee-shirt (Worth £10)
  • A FREE entry on to our #BizFitSocialWall (Worth £20)

That’s £30 worth of savings…as they say ‘the early bird gets the worm’…

Best wishes from Basecamp,

Sarah, on behalf of the BizFit Team.
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