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What puts a spring in your step?

Hello from BizFit basecamp – it’s week 11 already, and that means we only have 10 weeks until the main event. It’s all getting very ‘eggciting’ (sic – sorry couldn’t resist!).

Well, spring has well and truly sprung.  Doesn’t a little bit of sunshine and longer days make such a big difference? The BizFit team certainly think so!


So, what better time to change something in your business?

The end and the beginning of the year are traditionally the time when we think about what we want to achieve for our business over the next 12 months.  But the spring is the time that we generally get ourselves into gear and actually get it done!  There’s something about this time of year that makes us want to do something different, make plans or start a new venture inside or outside of the office.

If you have the feeling that you want to change, do something better or differently we have the solution at BizFit  – a solution for your business and also for yourself.   Do something positive for your business and get fit at the same time.

All it takes is one small step at a time, one step grows into two steps, and two into three.  That’s a bit how the BizFit project began.  Terry Malloy our founder came up with a great idea, Terry met me and I totally got it, and gradually other members of our core team came onboard – why don’t you?


A joint vision and purpose

We all came together with a joint vision and purpose.  We all wanted to have healthier businesses, give something back to our community and to help and support each other, physically and mentally, essentially we all want to be a better version of ourselves.

If this sounds like you join in!  You can get involved as a sponsor partner, participant, a volunteer or enter a team of your own – whichever way you do it you are joining a vibrant community.  And you don’t just get one of us, we come as a package – you get all of us.  Terry refers to our group as, “a tribe of likeminded individuals”.

Essentially what we are doing is forming a networking community, one where we all want the best for each other, and that means encouraging, supporting and offering advice to each other in the true spirit of networking.


Sign up and get involved with Biz-Fit,  yes we are collaborating to support our charities but it’s a lot more than that, we are building business and personal relationship that will last season upon season.

Whatever your circumstances, business challenges and ideas we are all here to help and if it’s a specialism you need, you can bet someone in our tribe has it.

So, if you have itchy feet this spring and are planning a change, one that will really make a difference and mean something to you, your business and those around you please join us.

Best wishes from Basecamp,

Sarah, on behalf of the BizFit Team.
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