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What’s your “Everest of the Track” dream?

This morning the BizFit team successfully launched our Couch to Summit Challenge 2017.  Surrounded by our sponsors, participants and businesses from the three counties we ‘cut the ribbon’ at Sixways stadium and started the countdown to our own virtual Everest Climb.


We would like to thank everyone who came along, pledged their support and embraced the Biz-Fit ethos!  If this first day is anything to go by the event itself is going to be awesome.   We are currently sifting through images, video footage and soundbites from this morning that we’ll share with you over the coming days and weeks!  The BizFit challenge countdown has started!


Of course, our challenge is a lot different to the original Mount Everest expedition of 1922, nearly 100 years previously.  But as company owners and business leaders we all experience our own challenges, whether related to our business or a more personal aspect of our life. We all have to face that difficult and perilous accent of our own personal ‘Everest’. And that’s a fundamental part of the foundations of our BizFit model.


Our founder Terry Malloy sums up the BizFit philosophy, “it’s about helping people to believe they can achieve more in their life and their business than they think is possible by developing a new, more positive mindset”.


How we react and what we do when faced with a challenge defines us and our futures, and maybe the futures of those around us. So, what does the word challenge mean? Well, the dictionary definition is:

All of these definitions are slightly different but they all fit within the realms of our ‘Everest challenge’.  As humans, we are capable of astounding accomplishments when we have the motivation to push ourselves out of our comfort zones.


You may have heard the phrase “Everest of the track”, it’s closely associated with Sir Roger Bannister.  In 1952 Bannister set a British record in the 1500 metres at Helsinki by finishing fourth – although he set a new record, it wasn’t it enough for him.  He wanted to be first in the race.  He also wanted to be the first to achieve the 4-minute mile – his very own “Everest of the track”.


It’s important to note that in 1952 a 4-minute mile was considered impossible – much like the likelihood of climbing Mount Everest had previously been.  He proved the doubters wrong and achieved his dream.  Bannister famously said “It’s amazing that more people have climbed Mount Everest than have broken the 4-minute mile”


Like the varying dictionary definitions, the word ‘challenge’ means something different things to us all and can depend on variables, such as where we are in our life and how external factors and internal factors impact upon us.  In essence, it’s all about starting with something that is not easy and little by little, step by step turning that challenge into a successful outcome.
So, what’s your ‘Everest’ challenge?  For Bannister, it was his 4-minute mile, “Everest of the track”.  Could yours be to join with us here at Biz-Fit?  We certainly hope so!


If you would like to get involved with something different, a different way of thinking, a different way of doing business that offers great opportunities for personal and business growth as well as giving something back to the community get involved with our ‘Couch to Summit challenge’.


You too could achieve your “Everest of the track” dream.

Best wishes from Basecamp,
Sarah, on behalf of the BizFit Team.
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